Conceptual Sanity

Oct 26

Are you inspired ? yes, you must've been inspired when you made that, it looks extraordinary. Are you waiting for inspiration ? Ah you couldn't find your inspiration yet. Inspiration hits somewhere between 3AM and 4PM. Hhmmm,…

What is this inspiration ?

It is ellusive, it is unrelayable and sometimes it seems out of control, like it would have a will of it's own. It is this rare flower that opens up when the stars align and the moon shines just right on it's petals. Have you seen it ? puff !! now it's gone. And it's back and pufff gone again. What you are left with? frustration😩… desperation😱… anger😡… self pitty, self doubt and all the array of shitty feelings. Wild thoughts in your mind now, spinning at 200km/h running loose across green lawns, never stopping, never stopping. Untill inspiration will come back. Tough with it, tough without. Wait. but why ? It may be that… Inspiration, does not exist. What if … inspiration is just an illusion. What’s left to do now? Just Work 🤔

Freedom of expression.

“when eveybody is speaking no one is listening.”

There used to be a time, 20 something years ago in comunist Romania when every people had something to say. About the regime, about the media, about culture, about the dictator and his power or his wife. But fear kept them all silent. 1 out of 5 citizens was secretly either a mebmer of the comunist party or of the secret police. The system did not let daring ideas to emerge and propagate. Critique or questioning was quickly stopped. The system had it’s ways to shut down anyone who wanted to speak his mind up, openly. And it worked. People were silent untill one day, in 1989 they gathered and made a lot of noise. So much that the old regime was overthrown and a new, democratic parliament was formed.

Today 26 years later, everybody is free to say anything they like. Freedom of speech, you’ve heard of it. No more repression, no more persectution. People are free to critique to expose to revold; and … Guess what. the vast majority is silent still.

It made me think about constraints in design. We may complain about them but they represent the fundamental blueprint of the artifact(or set-up) about to be produced. Constraints are needed otheriwse we run the risk of getting lost between an infinity of options at any given moment.