Done is better than perfect

Aiming for perfection is a frustrating process. Sometimes it feels like aiming at a moving target. Why so? I guess it's a combination of things, high personal standards, attachment to a vision, to an idea but it can also be a poor definition of scope.

Knowing the scope is key to getting something done because you limit the number of choices and move towards an objective. If the objective implies some hypotheses then, fine you get to test them in the real world because the thing is done.

It's something catharhic about getting stuff done, it's like the mind has less things to think about. New ideas can emerge because old ones have been archived into something done. Then, why the chase for perfection? Some just can't help it. It is an elusive process of emergence that happens without too much conscious notice.

And so, I get to the object of this first post. Why it exists? I guess it's a simple log. A way to get some things off my mind and, to keep trach of other things. Just an exercise.