An artist, a designer, a creator, an undefined human being, figuring it out.

Art for me is life. Without art, everyday life would be too hard, unbearable. I can find fascination in simple things: the way plants grow, or how the clouds move, or the way trees lean in the wind but don't break. I have all I need to be happy. Everything new is an extra. At 6yo I used to draw space ships aliens and dinosaurs, I used to: grow bean plants, hypnotize chickens, do experiments with sulfuric acid and mercury. I was massively lucky to make it alive this far. I design, code, make art, write. A side of me wants to remain unknown and undefined while another wants the opposite. My multiple selves seem to be coevolving, I will eventually reconcile them. This is just a beginning. I've got untapped fountains of enthusiasm. All good on this side of the world.